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A Dallas Security System should not mean that your home has to look like a bank and you have to rob the bank to achieve it. The key point is that it is not difficult to keep a Dallas security system reliable and affordable. A dependable Dallas security system serves two functions: sensing and alerting. Since the goal of the system is twofold – to sense and alert – the system comes in two sections: the cameras and a DVR.
1)The first section of a Dallas security system, serving the first function of a security system, is the cameras. While the cameras are generally spread out over the wide range of your home or at least the ground level, they serve basically one function – monitoring/recording. 
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2)The second function is to alert for the sake of response from you or from an emergency response team. The association of the sensors with the control panel produces this function. By themselves, the sensors can only detect the presence of a danger. Some, however, have internal sirens, such as smoke detectors, that allow the detector to sense and alert. Most motion sensors and door/window sensors require this second piece – the control panel.
The control panel is the device that receives the signals from the individual sensors and acts as a relay between the sensors and you. While the control panel has the ability to sound alarms and turn on lights, it also has a more unique ability to email Dallas security system reports for maintenance or emergency, call your office or cell phone, make reports on sensors, or call the proper emergency response team. Not only does the control panel have the ability to do each of these, it has the ability to do all of these simultaneously.
It is important that your basic Dallas security system executes the basic functions of home security: detecting and alerting. Whether the danger is environmental or intrusion, there are sensors designed to detect it, and control panels designed to alert you and others of the danger. 
Technology has made Dallas security system packages more affordable, more competent, and more accessible to the average American. Early Dallas security system packages were awkward devices that were hard to install and were very limited in abilities and scope. Basically, there was only one thing an early Dallas security system could do – record limited black and white low quality imagery.
As technology advances and evolves to match the needs of home owners and businesses, so does home Dallas security system. Dallas security system technology has made it virtually impossible for any danger to approach or make it in your home without you and the proper emergency response teams knowing about it. Without you being home or without you having to press one button, the control panels can be programmed to alert you and the police or medical or fire units, as well as activate various response methods such as sprinkler systems or lights and alarms.
Dallas security system cameras and recorders, environment sensors, motion detectors, and advanced control panels allow you and local emergency units to have the immediate knowledge of an intrusion or danger to health and happiness. In fact, newer systems not only supply the knowledge of danger, but also allow you to control the response.
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